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Create a discourse forum like this.

A definitive guide to the best way to setup your discourse forum.

I recommend Digital Ocean for hosting and Mailgun for email delivery service. Here’s how to setup your discourse forum. Full Discourse Training Here: https://pnuk.co/DiscourseTraining

My DigitalOcean partner link: https://pnuk.co/DigitalOcean

3:00 Setup Mailgun
8:48 Digital Ocean Setup
11:15 Terminal Discourse Setup
15:52 Point Domain Name DNS to Discourse IP
18:11 SSL Certificate And Adsense Plugin Setup
22:30 Initial Discourse Forum Setup Wizard
29:30 Invite users
31:22 Add Forum Categories
34:15 Add Topics
37:10 Resize Droplet
39:05 Destroy/Delete Droplet