Auto Population of fields based on CRM Field

I am trying to figure out how to auto populate certain fields based on other CRM fields. Not sure if I need to use Creator or what to do and how to program the functions if so.

Like joining two field together in another one?
Do you want to be able to edit the field after? Or will editing the original field be done?
You can definitely/I think ha do this.

I have a field of Shipping Companies, a pick list, when I chose one of the shipping companies I would like the Contact Name and Contact phone number (two additional fields I have) to be populated.

Second, I have a date field I would like to populate with todays date when I change another field, Order Status, to On Order. It would be good if I could overwrite that date field in case we updated the Order Status a few days after.

Not sure all that made sense. lol

Thank you

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Yeah it makes sense. You can deffo do the name field. Date will need me to look at it.
I’ll add it to my todo list and be back soon.