Best Solution for Project Updates is...?

Hey there, hoping you can help me. We are a specialised computer software supplier and when we sell our software, our customers also undergo an Services Project to implement the solution. The Services Project would span 6-9 months.

Our Services team are required to submit a weekly report to give the status of the project (e.g. current project status, list of risks/issues, next steps for the coming weeks/months, etc.). Currently we do this via Excel worksheets. It is relatively easy to do in Excel and can be easy to review current and older reports but naturally Excel isn’t the best professional solution for this.

I wanted to find out what the best solution would be in Zoho to do these project updates in. We use Zoho Projects (and would consider any of the Zoho One solutions) but I don’t seem to see anything in Zoho Projects to help with this. I’ve looked at Zoho Forms too but the reporting/presenting of the report isn’t very user-friendly.

Attached as an example of the type of report format used.

Thanks in advance.

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Let me have a think of the best way I would go about this.
You certainly have options. And the best place would be something inside Projects right.
You could definitely use Zoho Survey for this too.
Or even create your own app with Zoho Creator.

Are you guys using Zoho ONE at the minute? @Twelch

@twelch here’s a very simple option.
As I say in the video it depends on what you are doing with the Spreadsheet data.

Thanks for this. It’s certainly an option and definitely would keep it all within a Project.

That said, whilst I’m not looking to do anything really clever with the data, a form-based/field-based solution would be best because it would provide a more formal structure to the report rather than just free-form text.

I did try Zoho Forms but the display of the report information wasn’t really suitable.

I’ve not tried Zoho Survey yet so perhaps that would provide a better display of the report data.

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Yeah annoying the format isn’t the same as Zoho CRM where you can add fields to the layout.
Then you could just add whatever fields you want.

Maybe the way you are doing it right now is as good as any.
Just get the guys to upload the docs to your project docs folder.

I think Zoho Creator is worth looking at for this too.
Create your own app with the fields you want to show in a form.
Bit more work.

Or if they use Zoho CRM add a module with this data.