Connecting Zoho CRM to external vendor portals

The company I am working for is in the process of adopting the Zoho One product suite, with immediate emphasis on the CRM module. One of the things they have asked is if the CRM can tie into an external vendor portal (website) and extract data (specifically products and service volume, prices, and revenue). I’m sure there is not an out of the box solution to this, but I was hoping that someone on the forum has done something similar in the past. The problem they have now is that in order to find out how many products/services were ordered from our customers (from the vendors) we need to log into the vendor portals and extract the data manually through a CSV export. It’s a pain, so we are looking to automate that. Any help would be appreciated.


Chris Kerr

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Nice one did you follow up on the advice in the Facebook group?

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Hopefully plenty more Zoho ONE answers to come.