Connecting Zoho to LMS events/registrations and linking to Wishpond for marketing

Just starting an e-learning venture and looking for ways to automate marketing. Will be using a free course as a lead magnet and want to capture registrant details for use in Wishpond

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Hey cool.
What’s Whispond Ive never heard of it?

Which online LMS are you using?

Wishpond is SAAS product currently on Appsumo, it has a contest/giveaway system and an email marketing system builtin. After trying it out for a few days I eventually decided against it as the support was v poor and there was no effective integration with my LMS. I’m using LifterLMS by the way. Zoho looks good but I’ve decided to go with Groundhogg as there is an integration with LifterLMS that makes like life easy.

Ah right AppSumo has some cool deals.

Good to know thanks.

Hey fair enough. LitterLMS I’ve never heard of that either. I use Teachable no complaints from me for them.