Customer Service Difference

Zoho’s customer service is sometimes quick and great, and other times severely lacking and inconsistent. I wonder if it might be due to cultural differences between india and U.S.?

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Hmmmm it maybe down to the number of operators on at one time.
Is this live chat or tickets?

They launched in Australia too so you would think they have a good spread.
Maybe if an update happens it puts a strain on support?

Chat is usually quick. Support tickets can sometimes take about a week. Sadly though, if it’s a zohoOne issue, chat is not available. Not really complaining, I was just curious if it’s due to differing service standards between countries. Not all countries treat customer service the same. Thanks, have a great day.

They had a 5 user minimum on Zoho ONE last year because they couldn’t handle the support requests from individuals signing up for it. I guess they have good and bad days. If it’s not so bad for you cool.
It’s definitely part of their game they could improve.