Deleting Feed entries?

We’re using Zoho Connect as a client extranet, using it mostly to share graphics that clients subscribe to monthly, but also have manuals for clients to use and would like to maybe use the Town Hall feature at some point. It’s a private group, so you need an invitation to join.

Since it’s a monthly subscription for clients, each month new clients are added and others are deleted. The problem is that ALL of the user updates are listed in the Feed, which is broadcast out to all members of the group. We do not want to publicly announce who has subscribed, who has canceled their subscription, etc. But I don’t see any way to modify what is displayed in the Feed? Only ways for each person to hide items from their personal feed that they don’t want to see.

Am I missing something??

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I don’t think so.
Let me ask the question and see if there’s a setting that can be applied.
I know what you mean you don’t want to show people coming and going all the time to the whole group.

Nope you never missed anything but it can be done.
Support said this:


We show the member added/left messaged on group walls.
We can hide those bot messages using a custom CSS code

Ok so here’s what to add
here’s the CSS code to hide the bot bots:

.feeds .single-feed.zc-feedMemberInfo {
background-color: var(–menuHoverColor);
display: none;

It hides posts like this.

Here’ you go how to do it.

THANK YOU!! That’s perfect.

Glad it helped. you know where we are if/when you have more questions.