Difference between zoho books and Zoho invoice

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1 - Could you explain what is the real difference between “zoho books” and “Zoho invoice” since they are both making invoices and quotes.

2- If we’re taking the option of Zoho one, how to make the apps speak each other? “zoho books” and/or “Zoho invoice” to Zoho CRM for example?

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@Skott this is a good question.
I haven’t looked into it deeply. I’ll take a look at the extra benefit of Zoho Invoice running at the side of books and let you know.

Here’s the official spiel .

Zoho Invoice vs Zoho Books

General, Zoho Books, Zoho Invoice | February 22, 2011 |2 min read

Ever since we launched Zoho Books one question we hear over and over
again is “What is the difference between Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books?”.
Here’s a clarification for those of you who asked and for those who
have the same question.

Zoho Invoice is an online invoicing software
which helps you get your invoicing done. It has all the essential
functionalities related to invoicing like estimates, quotes,
multi-currency support, online payments, credit notes, customizable
invoice templates, an iPhone app for invoicing on the go, a web
app(beta version) for invoicing from android & other mobile devices
and multi-lingual support.

online invoicing software vs online accounting

Zoho Books on the other hand is a comprehensive online accounting software
that lets you get your accounting done online. With Zoho Books you can
keep up with the your income and expenses, manage your banking and
credit card transactions and work with your accountant online. Within
Zoho Books you will see a comprehensive invoicing module which includes
all the features of Zoho Invoice, except for the ones listed below:

  • API
    – The Zoho Books APIs are in the making. If you are planning to
    integrate with us you may need to hold on for a little while more.
  • Contextual
    Gadgets- We are integrated with Google Apps, the only missing piece is
    the contextual gadget, which will be included soon.
  • iPhone app- Again we are saving this for later. But this is certainly on our agenda.

Here are the answers to some popular questions on the same topic:

How do I choose between Zoho Invoice & Zoho Books?

If all you require to do is manage invoices and expenses online then go for Zoho Invoice. However, apart from plain invoicing if you want to track your purchases, reconcile your bank and credit accounts, view a complete snapshot of your business, generate performance reports like Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet then Zoho Books would be a better fit.

The equation you’ll need to remember is Zoho Invoice = Accounts Receivable while Zoho Books = Accounts Receivable + Accounts Payable + more…

Will Zoho be adding more features to Zoho Invoice?

with hundreds of thousands of users on board, we need to keep Zoho
Invoice updated and young as ever. The possibilities of interesting
inclusions are endless. We will be adding features to both Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books.

Effectively. If you have a 3rd party accounting system you may want to use Zoho Invoice for sending out invoices and getting paid. If you plan to use Zoho Books as your main accounting platform then you don’t need to use Zoho Invoice as Zoho Books has everything Zoho Invoice has.


Here you go quick video too.

Thank you Paul for this great response.
It helps a lot and it’s more clear nnow and I’m sure it will helps other memebers.

So now that I have the real clarification of my question, do you know how to deinstall an app in “my apps” of the “zoho one” account since there is no buttons anywhere of any kind to do so?

thank you

Hmm you’ll probably need to let support know if you want to remove it.
I don’t look at the app list I just go straight to the app to do what I need to do.

Ok great…
Thank you for your help.
Zoho becomes clearer little by little thanks to you

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