Discourse - Mailgun - Digital Ocean - Full Setup Guide - Beginner Tutorial


A definitive guide to the best way to setup your discourse forum.

I recommend Digital Ocean for hosting and Mailgun for email delivery service. Here’s how to setup your discourse forum. Full Discourse Training Here: https://pnuk.co/DiscourseTraining

My DigitalOcean partner link: https://pnuk.co/DigitalOcean

3:00 Setup Mailgun
8:48 Digital Ocean Setup
11:15 Terminal Discourse Setup
15:52 Point Domain Name DNS to Discourse IP
18:11 SSL Certificate And Adsense Plugin Setup
22:30 Initial Discourse Forum Setup Wizard
29:30 Invite users
31:22 Add Forum Categories
34:15 Add Topics
37:10 Resize Droplet
39:05 Destroy/Delete Droplet


I have watched the video and it is very helpful. I am running a Squarespace site and I am ready to update my DNS settings, but the Squarespace DNS settings panel does not offer same options as GoDaddy or others. Is this a problem? Thanks.


@Massey thanks for joining the forum!
You shouldn’t have a problem… but let me know if you do and I’ll take a look.
The theory is the same even if it looks different with different hosts.


My concerns are that (1) when attempting to provide the additional TXT data there is no “Host” field, and (2) when I went to add the MX information Squarespace only allows me to add via G Suite or Zoho Mail. Can I use one of those?


That’s ok it will be the route domain it’s pointing to so just add the info without host.

Ah ok… let me look into that for you.


This article says you can add MX records…

If you think you are going to have problems with sqiuarespace DNS.
You can do like I do and use CloudFlare.com to host your dns settings.
Then it’s very easy to do.


Thanks! I will let you know how it goes.