Feeds And Notifications - FAQ

  • Do I get notified of what’s happening in my organization?

You will be notified of all developments in the organization that you’re associated with.

  • Can I share status updates with my colleagues?

You can share your status directly with a specific team member by tagging your team member or with everyone.

  • What do I see in my feeds?

My FeedsYour feed will show you status updates shared by users in your organization, information on contacts, the tasks to be completed and the deals. Your feed also shows the daily job card.

  • What is the daily job card?

When you log in, the daily job card reminds you of your tasks for the day, the tasks overdue and the pending deals for the month. The Zoho ContactManager updates this information at regular intervals.

  • Can I filter my feeds?

You can filter your feeds based on modules (companies, contacts, deals and tasks) using the Contact Manager.

  • Can I attach files/images to my status updates?

You can share status updates as plain text messages or with images and files.