G suite and zoho integration – do you do training on this?

g suite and zoho integration – do you do training on this?
this may sound silly but i have installed but unsure if activated – im such a non techy. i have spent the last 2 hours going through help pages and not sure if its because i have the free version it limits what i can edit

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Hi Jenna.
2 hours oh man.
Are you just trying to sync emails from gmail to Zoho CRM ?

Hi Paul

your response made me lol and yes its well over 2 hours now … i hate being defeated. … but i may be now lol.

Is it because i am only on the paid version? there doesn’t seem to be the same functions on zoho that the step by step guides are suggesting and the zoho youtube video was from 2017.

Any advice mega appreciated. unsure of what my expectation or what it will look like onces it is complete. will i just be able to use zoho for calendar and emails sent/received?

on gsuite i can connect an email to the crm but i think thats because i connected it with an app for gmail not gsuite if that makes sense? so when i open an email i can click zoho app and fill in the customer info and it will appear on crm as contact/lead.

Have the best day ever - pobody’s nerfect

Jenna :slight_smile: