Golf’s Greatest Life Lesson

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The Art Of Fore — Life Lessons From The Golfing Gods

Golf has many great lessons, from self-awareness to the constant need to self-improve. Its greatest lesson is not only a lesson but a universal law.

What You Think About You Become

It’s as simple as that.

If you think you are a crap putter you are. If you believe it’s hard to play in the wind it is. If the pond is on your mind then there’s only one place the ball is going. If your slice is your dead shot and you give it your mind guess what happens.

So it is imperative to take control of your mind and in some way the people around you.

Negative talk from anywhere is an attack on your game, you need to be wide awake to defend your subconscious mind. It listens to everything you let in and acts upon it. It is a war and one you must win to be great.

Of course, this is the greatest lesson in life too. Focus on what you want to happen. Not one second of your time should be spent on negative results. Target is king , set a target, relax to target, take dead aim then go be great.

We all have billion dollar brains, the things it can do are simply unbelievable and we will never fully understand it. Quite simply though, golf teaches this lesson from the moment we step on the course. That first time when all we worry about is hitting the ball and hoping people don’t laugh when we don’t… then what happens.

The beginner golfer doesn’t pay this enough attention. How can they when they haven’t paid their dues to the golfing gods yet.

Kids understand this. Try not to buy a five-year-old an ice cream when it’s all the kid thinks about.

Ask an eight-year-old golfer what they think about and it will be something along the lines of imagining they are great, or they just imagine they are a great player and hit the ball as them. They haven’t lived long enough for their imagination to turn to mush yet. They just imagine they are already great at the game and go for it. Results don’t affect them or their mind, they just run up to the ball and hit it again.

What You Think You Become

Golf teaches all of us that you have to be very careful what you think about.

Now, are you thinking you are fat, ugly, thick, not good enough, anything else negative like this? Are you allowing what you think other people think about you negatively to affect you? Remember “What You Think About You Become”.

Protect your mind as if it is your treasure chest of greatness because frankly, it is. This game of life has begun and level one is mastering your mind. When you do that the world is yours and I can’t wait to see what you achieve.

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