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Have you ever thought how happiness is meant to be. How does anyone achieve it?

Would we all be in such a bad place if we choose what we really wanted and stook to it.

Why are so many people not fulfilling their dreams? When did we give up.

For me I think it was when I failed a college course and joined the world of work.

Once the 9 to 5 hit home it seemed to become the plan. All of a sudden I was on an apprenticeship to a career I never chose.

But careers pay the bills or at least by the beers.

So does it all come down the almighty night out? Was that when it went wrong?
That’s when life got easy.
Go to work make the money then go to the pub.
There was still time for greatness right.

Well I think there is and that time is now.
We are all scared of what we can achieve it’s why we think about it all the time and dream about it.
Hell what would we really do if we make it.

But what happens if one day we just do the thing we want to do. And we suck.
Well that was day one. All we have to do is get a little better everyday.
And keep going.
Keep going.