How do I create and publish a new funnel analysis experiment?

A funnel is a series of ordered steps taken by a visitor to reach a desirable conversion goal. At every step, you might lose some visitors. Using a funnel analytics experiment, you find out any bottlenecks that might be killing your conversions.

Step 1 : Click +New Experiment on the experiment listing page.

Step 2 : Choose Funnel Analysis .

Step 3 :Fill in the name of the test.

Step 4 : Create a new step by entering the URL of the webpage and its match type. Learn what match types are and how to use them.

Step 5 : Click + to create a new step in the funnel.

Step 6 : After entering all the steps, click Activate .

PageSense will begin tracking the URLs provided so that you can understand on which step your visitors drop-off. If you wish to make changes to your experiment, click the Pause button. You’ll be able to edit any part of your experiment. Click Relaunch to run the experiment again.

NOTE: Make sure you have added the code snippet on all the web pages part of your experiment.