How do i see where i left off?

Paul, mate Allan in the states, urgent question. (I’m getting paid to take office laptop home and learn Zoho ASAP.) We have 190K leads. Say I’m in the lead “Joe Blow, Blow DDS, he’s on 222 Hellfire Lane, Crowley, Texas. Then I finish entering data on that lead and use arrow in top right of screen to go to the next lead “Mary Blow,” Smiley Teeth, 111 Arctic Cold Lane, Crapley, Texas. Now, for some reason I reboot or whatever, something pulls me out of the CRM. How do I get Zoho to go back to Mary Blow, last lead I touched and “pick up where I left off.” So I’m back in Mary and can hit the right arrow top of screen and move onto the next lead as if I’d never been thrown out of the program. I JUST started with this program and that is critical. Sure, I can find Mary Blow by searching on her name but I want to be at the same place I was when had I not had a ‘reboot’ I would be able to move onto the next lead the system says goes after Mary Blow? MANY THANKS!

Asked on Youtube.

Just go to your feeds tab. It will show the last edited contact at the top.