How to change Deal module and Products tab name

Hi Paul great tutorial. My company already has a Zoho Account set up that is a paid for version – Professional Subscription – is what I see. So I get a bit lost with the menu bar navigation when we look at ‘Deals’ my account seems to be custom and says prospects, but I want to change it back to ‘Deals’ and perhaps customise it at a later stage once I have a better understanding of zoho. I’ve also got ‘Dashboards’ & ‘Products’in my menu bar which doesn’t show in your tutorial of the free version. Can you assist me?

Asked via ticket.

Hi Sarah do you have admin rights? It’s pretty easy to go in and change module name. But you need the rights to do it.

ahh that makes sense!

So you don’t or you do? I guess if the company calls their deals prospects it makes sense to others. Products is on the paid version you are right this was for the free version :slight_smile:

How do I know if I have full admin rights?

I went onto users and it says that I am administration but my boss is ‘Super Admin’ do I need to be super admin as well?

Here you go this will help answer it. Just know you are changing it for the whole company though