I don’t get the option to partner or tag?

I don’t get the option to partner or tag?

This is about this video:

Visit: Payments.Zoho.com or Payments.Zoho.EU to tag as your Zoho Partner.

Hello @tomhartin When you say you don’t get it which part. Doing it or why you would?

Zoho will pay mw 25% commission for 3 years on anything you spend after tagging me.
It’s a way to keep training free.
You’d get the same service from me if you do or you don’t.
But you will pay the money regardless and it just helps me keep going. Motivation and money.

If you are already paying for Zoho I receive nothing but upgrade money.
But it does let Zoho know which if their customers I am helping.
Strengthens my hand to get better support for you guys.

Any questions let me know.