I would like to make a client portal, with a personal password

Hi @Paul

I have a quick question for you, Could you help please?

In fact, in order to communicate, share private documents like invoices etc… with my clients, I would like to make a client portal, with a personal password.

I would like to make, on this client portal, some of the pages which Will be common to every clients and some of the, which Will be specific To the client assets and private documents, accessible by password.

(Exactly like we all have with a bank account or our electricity account etc…) … Do you see what I mean?

My question is:

Could you tell me please, which zoho’s app will best be the suit for this task please?

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You should look at Zoho Desk for this.
I don’t use mine but it’s here: support.paulnicholson.com
You can communicate with clients via tickets.
Which they can login and see their statuses. You can share files within tickets.
Also create a community page for everyone. Knowledgebase etc.
Here’s the Zoho Desk video.

Lesson Times:
0:00 Introduction
4:25 Pricing Explained
6:14 Tabs Explained
10:15 Accepting Tickets Options
15:07 Widget And Webforms
20:40 ASAP Add Widget
22:21 Ticket Walkaround
25:21 Exploring Options
28:53 Conclusion - More Training

Thank you Paul for this response…
it’s great to know the software which seems to be able to achieve that.

But you know…
it’s not a ticket system that I really need in fact, even though it’s nice to have one.

What I really need, is a way to give to my client a private portal where I could put, for example their quotes, their invoices, their contracts, pdf files etc …
They won’t have to ask, their documents will already be there, in their own account.

Like this kind of system for example: ( https://client-portal.io/ ), but inside the Zoho ecosystem.
Is it possible?


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Ah yeah I see what you mean.
Nothing comes off the top of my head out of the box for this.
But to be fair it’s something that needs to be added right.
Makes complete sense you let clients have an area.
Maybe setup them up as a Zoho Project client and build that area out for them.
Then you can add projects when you sign off on quotes.

Thank you so much Paul.

That’s more clear now.
Thanks for your great help and your great support.

At soon

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You’re welcome.
Cheer for leaping in to the forum.
Others will have the same questions as you and will be glad you jumped first :slight_smile:
Keep the questions coming.