Is there a way to have a joint email address?

Im a zoho user in the US and appreciate your ZOHO video series! Great work! I have a question, do you have any video series on setting up collaborative inbox with zoho mail? I have a general company email address “[email protected]” that I want to share with multiple users but would also like to see if another employee already replied. I tried a shared folder, but it does not notify us of new messages and it will not show reply’s.

Asked via ticket.

Hi Michael.

Good question. I’ll add it to the forum.
My initial thought is it can’t be done. But let me go play around and see if I can get it working.
If I can I’ll record a video for you on how to do it.

Awesome. Thanks. I will check the forum out.

Good luck, I’ve been messing around with it for a while. I find other users requesting it on zoho community but nothing implemented as of yet. im looking to see if there is some type of workaround. Looking forward to what you find out.

Michael. Here’s a question and what most companies would do with this.
Don’t you use Zoho Desk? Or some ticketing system like that?
All emails sent to [email protected] or [email protected]
Would go into the system and create a ticket. Then your support staff would no the exact status of the email and you wouldn’t miss any customers out?

Here’s a Zoho Desk demo.

|I don’t use Zoho desk at the moment , let me look into it. Thanks for info.


You should look at Zoho ONE if you don’t have it.

I take it you are using Zoho CRM and Zoho Mail?

|I use Zoho mail and Zoho books.

Ah ok.
How many users on your system?
How much do you pay for them?

ah cool. Zoho Desk is free for 3 users.

I was going to suggest Zoho ONE but you will triple your cost.

And need an account for the accountant ha.

:slight_smile: Im not at that point yet, just a small operation but I like the option of being able to add services with ZOHO. Im going to watch your video on desk to see if that will help me out with my email delegation issues.

What business are you in?

You can’t see the reply though.