Is there a way to use Zoho Flow to connect to WooCommerce?

I don’t see Woocommerce as a connection in the gallery. Is that something they will add in the future or is that something I can have done? I saw that Zoho CRM can connect to Woocommerce using Zapier, but I want to avoid getting a Zapier account.

I thought you were using an app for Woocommerce to Zoho CRM no good anymore?
Or do you want to do more with it?
If it’s not on the list I’m guessing no but I’ll take a look.

Sorry for the delay.
I do have a plugin to link Zoho CRM and WooCommerce, but it doesn’t have all the options I want.

No it’s not an option in the Flow apps.
You could probably do a workaround via Zapier to Zoho CRM.
You need to have a paid version of Zapier though.

Can’t you request the feature you need from the Wordpress Plugin developers?
Or is it missing many.
I’m pretty sure if the dedicated plugin isn’t doing it Zapier or flow wouldn’t be able to do what you need either.