Measure, Measure, Measure

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Scarily January is 2/3 done already. How are your New Year’s resolutions coming along? For some they will be long since broken, for me in 2014 I realise there’s a habit changing affect taking place that will take 21 conscious attempts to begin the change.

So with that knowledge I have started tracking day by day the things I want to change in 2014.
Until I start to write down what exactly is happening how would I ever know if I’m changing. If I don’t know where I currently am how will we know if it’s an up or down measurement.

So I’ll walk through the areas I’ve been tracking 1 by 1. I started with a few points and it’s now up to over 13.
I should add at this point I have began saving my progress using a Google Docs spreadsheet. It’s nice and easy to connect to anywhere so updating is easy.

Like most I want to cut down my drinking in 2014. So far 20 days in, I have drank on 5 of them. I consider drunk anything more than 6 pints so on 4 of the 5 occasions I’ve been drunk. Out of the times I’ve been drunk, 2 were celebrating friends 40th birthdays. So I forgive myself a little. On average this looks to be working out at 2 nights a week. Too much I think but if I can cut that down to 1 then I’ll be on track. 19 days and 14 points for not drinking.

Embarrassingly out of the 19 days so far in 2014 I have exercised only 4 times so plenty of room for improvement there.

Vitamins and Apple A Day
A good regime for a better diet began being tracked recently too. In the last 7 days that I have tracked my vitamin pill intake I have taken the right pills everyday. Not hard I know but tracked all the same. I’ve tracked my apple a day intake for the last 12 days managing it on 9 out of them. Again not hard but certainly that is more than usual and next month I’ll beat it too. Remember it’s all about habit forming so consciously doing things is the main key here.

I’m not on a diet as such, the diet tracking is basically a day I’ve not eaten junk in my eyes. Sadly out of the last 13 days I’ve tracked this only 4 days have I awarded myself a point. Obviously I don’t give myself a point if although I have not eaten crap but have had a beer. Eye opening though 4/13 is not good.

I’ve also added other items to my tracking list too. Yoga (stretching), Meditation am and pm, blog posts (enhance my writing ability), HOP – Hour Of Power, Weight, Sleep, Coffees. I’ll share all my results at the end of each month for those interested in how I track them.

All this does sound anal and people will say you’re a database administrator Paul so it’s easy for you etc. and I’d agree. You will though enjoy ticking the list at the end of day or when you’ve achieved a daily goal and after a few weeks it will open your eyes to where you are in beginning to create a new habit.

As I said at the start, if we don’t know where we currently are how can we ever know if we are on the upward spiral or downward so get measuring!! This is certainly opening my eyes and my competitive streak will make sure I beat this month, next month. I’m sharing this because I believe this is also great motivation. Hopefully the new neuro pathways are being built and before long all these items will begin to be second nature.

Now I can go and put a 1 for blog post 🙂

Let me know what you think or what works for you. Feedback always most welcome!!