MFI Training Model - Try Now Pay Later


The MFI was a large Furniture Store back in the 80s.
Massive company. Alas no longer here though.

The reason I’m basing my training on the wonky Buy Now Pay Later model is simple.

I used to need this model when buying beers in the bar.

I would walk up and ask sheepishly for a “MFI Beer”
The landlord at the time knew I meant Buy Now Pay Later.
And he always obliged, Mainly because I would be back to pay when I said I would.
Which would usually be the following Thursday on pay day.

I’m thankful for people like that in my life that have helped me out for no benefit to themselves.
Good people.

I don’t want you to miss out on training because you can’t afford it.
So the training will launch on a Try Now Pay Later.
In fact I’m going to say. Try Now - Pay What You Think It’s Worth.

Some will think I am crazy. And the marketers will say charge more deal with less people.

But that’s not me. And I’m glad it hasn’t been other people in my life when I was skint.

The :happy_me: Happy-Me person inside is doing what i feel right.
If I go the way of MFI so be it :slight_smile:

There’s always ways you can help pay for training though. With out having to pay.