Rob from Ontario, Canada


I own a phone company and recently purchased another phone/security/cabling company, so needing more structure with more employees. Figured Zoho would work well. Watched Paul’s videos occasionally when I was testing Zoho out and hoping to figure out the best way to do what I need in this process.


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Specifically, Brantford. Near Hamilton, which is near Toronto. Most people know Toronto at least. :slight_smile:

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Awesome welcome @rsimmons
There’s a few Canadians here already :slight_smile:
What Zoho apps are you looking at? or all of them.

Mainly CRM, Desk, Inventory, plus Mail, Cliq, Workdrive. Mostly trying to convert the new company from paper to Zoho, which everyone seems happy about. Just have to figure out the best way.

BTW, I’m in London UK this week. :slight_smile: Not sure where you are relative to London or if you still do Drink With Paul…

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I’m 3 hours away up North. A lifetime in England a mini drive in Canada.

I don’t at the minute I may reinvent it with a less drinking format in the future.