See What You Want - Not What You Don't

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what_do_you_wantHaving recently felt like I’d got back into an old habit of thinking about what I didn’t want to happen, rather than what I wanted to happen, I thought it was a good time to snap out of it and share the snap.

Truth is, if you are anything like me, you spend time worrying about the possibilities of failure, worrying about the what-if they don’t like it, what-if I mess it up. Yes, the resistant bullshit of what-if. Well hey, what-if they love it, what-if this article helps someone, rather than the grammar police jumping all over it or the cynics rolling their eyes thinking here he goes again. It won’t help anyone if I don’t write it that’s for sure.

The best golfers in the world, heck even half decent ones, don’t walk up to a shot where there’s a pond in front of the green and think about the pond. No, all they are thinking about is the green and the best place to put the ball on it to make a birdie. If the golfer concentrated on the pond guess where the ball goes? You have to see the shot you want to hit, not the shot you don’t want.

The law of attraction says “whatever is going on in your mind is what you attract”. So the more we think of what we don’t want the more it is to likely happen.

The racing car driver skidding out of control doesn’t stare at the wall she’s about to hit; she concentrates on the road and getting back on it. If she concentrates on the wall her body thinks that’s where she wants to go and steers towards it. When she concentrates on the road and steers towards that there’s a much better chance of getting back on track.

There’s 3 things I’m going to do today to snap out of my funk.

  • I’m going to re-evaluate my wants by refreshing my 10 year want list. How can I concentrate on what I want t if I don’t know what that is?

Here’s the 30 mins fun workshop I use to decide what I want. Yes that’s my voice.

  • I’m going to put The War OF Art on my iTunes (audiobook) while I work on other projects. This is a great book that completely explains RESISTANCE. That nonsense inner voice that stops you from doing the things you were put on this earth to do. If you feel stuck and the block is hard to get around, you have to read The War Of Art and the follow on book Turning Pro. Very easy to read and two books that just make sense.
  • Finally, I’m going to look at my wants and ask what for? What do I want the things in my 10 year list for. What for?

I hope this helps you if you are in a funk like me. Let me know your thoughts, comment below or connect through social media.
I want and know you will.

Everything is a gift – Paul Nicholson