Selling through Marketplaces

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My company sells our inventory through various online platforms for example amazon etc. Our company is in South Africa so the process is a bit different.
We hold stock at these marketplaces and then see sales on their platform.
I am struggling to find an easier way to record sales in Zoho inventory as we dont invoice the customer directly so there is no invoice to send, is there a workaround where I can create a sales order and it then autocompletes to the shipment being fulfilled?
Any help would be greatly appreactated!
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Hello @Sherza_92 welcome to the forum great to have you here.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to invoice the associated platform. But with a zero price and don’t send the invoice?

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I need to track the sales as well as the inventory and the price im selling at.
So far when I dont send the invoice Zoho wont let me mark the shipment as fulfilled

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So you need to track the customer on the sale from the marketplace.

You can save as draft and then mark the invoice as sent.

Here you go will this start to work? @Sherza_92

Thanks for the Video.
What im currently doing is making a sales order then making an invoice which i just e-mail to one of my e-mail accounts.But this process is very time wasting.
I need the sales order/invoice to be to the correct amount.
Im making the customer the marketplace and then in the reference putting the actual cutomers name and reference number