Should the discourse forum be on a subdomain or a subfolder?

Hi! My name is Stephanie. I am a web developer in San Diego, helping clients build successful websites. I’m trying to help my client build a forum on his website. In Paul Nicholson’s fantastic youtube tutorial about, he recommended creating a subdomain for the disclosure forum. However, my research suggests that most websites build their forums on a subfolder instead of a subdomain (source:

What are your thoughts? Should the forum be placed on a subdomain or a subfolder? How do I place a forum on a subfolder?

Thank you so much for all your help!! Much appreciated.

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Hey @Steph welcome to my little Discourse forum :slight_smile:

The answer for DiscourseHosting is you can’t I believe.

The answer people say it’s better to have subfolder is SEO related I would think.
As soon as it’s on a subdomain google see it as 2 different websites.

But as I say I’m not sure you have the options here.
But I’ll check.

Hello @steph Support say this on subfolder installation
We support subfolder installs on the Professional plan and higher.