Support even using the Free version of Zoho

Paul is amazing. Even with me still using the Free Version. As important as a great CRM program is to your business, I have to admit that I really have not dedicated enough time to learn all the features that Zoho can provide, so I haven't upgraded to a paid version yet. Getting all the other necessary evils of getting a new business up and running is taking up a majority of my time. But even using the Free Version, Paul has always responded very quickly(as quickly as he can with me being on the other side of the pond!) to my questions and he even created a short video to answer a one of them. It's rare these days to see someone so dedicated to their craft as Paul. Thanks again for everything.

Howard Blitstein

Thanks @howieb4 I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a testimonial.
Always here to help even from across the pond. Although I stay up late haha.

Keep the questions coming.