Understanding Heatmap Report

Understanding Heatmap Report

The first section of the heatmap report shows the following stats:

You can use the toggle on the left to switch between heatmap and scrollmap display.

Adjust the opacity of the dark overlay using the Map Opacity slider.

The number of visitors from desktop, tablet, and mobile is displayed here.

The time duration of the report is available on the right. By default, it is set to shows the report between the start of the experiment and the current day. You can choose from the preset time range in the dropdown or set a custom range.

The following can be found in the tab on the right:

Visitors : The total number of people that access the webpage

Engaged Visitors : The percentage value of the total number of visitors who have clicked on at least one element of the webpage. This is calculated by dividing the number of visitors who have clicked on at least one element on the webpage by the total number of visitors.

Visits : A visit counts all visitors, no matter how many times the same visitor may have been to the webpage. One visitor can have multiple visits.

Clicks : Total number of clicks on all the elements of the webpage.

Clicks/Visit : It is calculated by dividing the total number of clicks received by the webpage by the total number of visits it has.

Top Engagements: List of webpage elements ranked by the number of clicks received and the corresponding contribution for the total clicks on the webpage.

Clicking on the element name in the list will show you its location on the page. Some elements though displayed in the list, won’t be visible on the page. This can be because they are hidden.