With contacts: The use of mobile apps, LINE, Whatsapp, @Chat, etc?

Hi Paul, I’ve registered ZOHO ONE through you for a trial period. I will search but quickly, with contacts: The use of mobile apps, LINE, Whatsapp, @Chat, etc? Can they be added and recorded within the contact fields as a record of communication. Some in Thailand do not have access to the internet or not have the skills, especially the older folk? This would be a great feature as many of my staff use it regularly with customers. Oh, I registered as isanrealestate FYI. Thanks,

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Let me get you a definitive answer to this

Cool and thanks Paul. FYI, I have been trying to get customer support from ZOHO for nearly a week. No reply, so should it suit our needs and meet the functionality, I’ll be with you. Leave it with me a few days. I need to make a decision by end of July. Great client support and congrats on the way you are replying promptly. Great work and I hope to be using you more over the next month. Those mobile apps questions and integration would be very handy. Have a good one. Ernie

Ah that sucks support haven’t replied to you. Do you not have a live chat box in your Zoho CRM app? Let me ask the question to support now.

ah Ernie. This is what they said. Not the answer you’re looking from but also one that means most CRMs won’t work either with them. Sorry Paul, as of now there is no integration with such applications with Zoho CRM.

As these applications have not exposed their endpoint APIs yet there is no other ways to connect to these applications.