Zendesk Beginner Introduction Training Tutorial 2018


Zendesk Introduction - Full Overview. I think Zendesk is great and you will see I use it on my website. Here’s a full overview introduction of all of the great Zendesk features and why I think you should use it to help you provide better customer support. It will also be a great tool for your sales team to help acquire more sales leads. https://Zendesk.com Lesson Start Time 0:00 Introduction 1:32 Say Hello Why Are You Here? 2:25 1st Zendesk Walkaround 6:29 Zendesk Pricing Explained-ish 8:34 Ticket Creation - Submit Box 16:43 Ticket Creation - Direct Emails 25:19 Facebook Live Chat/Wall Post Ticket Creation 30:44 Live Chat Box Introduction 34:14 Conclusion Closing Thought