Zoho CRM Standard version

Dear Mr. Paul, Regarding the STANDARD version of the software, its says that each user is able of preforming 100,000 records. My quotation is what do they mean by a record, is it a contact, account, or every single entry is record?

Asked on Youtube.

Good questions. My first thought would be 100,000 contacts. But. It may be 100,000 lines in the database. Let me see if I can get clarification.

I’ve sent support a question to get a definitive answer for you and others.
It definitely looks to be database line entries per month, which is still a lot if you ask me.

Support doesn’t work weekends haha. I’ll let you know when I get an answer.

Ans. Here the 100,000 Records denotes each and every single entry from the various modules counts. So when a contact or account or lead or deal or etc… is been created then it’s considered as a record and it counts. By default Zoho CRM Standard Edition can accommodate upto 100,000 records in total and this has nothing to do with the pricing plan. So if your client registered for Zoho CRM Standard Edition then he can accommodate upto 100,000 records.