# Zoho CRM Sync Calendar With Zoho Mail

Zoho CRM Sync

The Zoho CRM application is a business suite that helps tap the right customers and engage them, maximize sales, increase conversions and much more that is required to upscale a business. Zoho CRM consists of a set of in-built features that are standard for business which also includes the CRM calendar. Using the CRM calendar, you can manage your business schedule by setting up calls and meetings. Zoho Calendar provides you with an option to sync your CRM calendar. Using this two-way sync feature, you can make changes to your events in your CRM calendar from Zoho Calendar itself.

Steps to Set-up Zoho CRM sync:

  1. Login to Zoho Mail.

  2. Go to Settings > Calendar > Zoho Apps .

  3. Click on Zoho CRM Calendar .

  4. Click the Synchronize button to start the synchronization between both the calendars.

  1. After the synchronization is done, the Unsynchronize button appears.

  2. Refresh your Zoho Calendar to view the changes.

  3. The CRM calendar events will be available for you in your Zoho Calendar.

The Zoho CRM calendar will be available under App calendars in Zoho Calendars. Every time a CRM event is added or edited in Zoho Calendar, the changes will be updated upon refreshing the calendar. All updates that are made in CRM calendar will also be simultaneously updated in Zoho Calendar.

To stop synchronization of Zoho CRM Calendar:

  1. Login to Zoho Mail.

  2. Go to Settings > Calendar > Zoho Apps .

  3. Click on Zoho CRM calendar .

  4. Click the Unsynchronize button.

The CRM calendar will be removed from your App Calendars.