Zoho One subscription

Hi Paul, I have subscribed to the professional version of Zoho CRM. A few days ago you have posted a notice that Zoho has changed the Zoho One requirements and that you can subscribe for about $30 for each user. While I was playing around with Zoho CRM trail, I have created an additional user, just to see how you can limit a users access to some of the data. I have removed this user because it is not an active user, but now when I try to upgrade to Zoho One, the system wants me to register 2 users and I have only one active user on my system. I have sent an e-mail to [email protected] but I have not received any help.

Can you give me some advice on how to convince the system that I have only one active user?

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Leon good stuff.

Sounds like you have done what you can so far.
What I would do if I was you is jump on Live Chat inside

In your profile on Zoho CRM - Chat With Us - Get a live person on chat and they will sort you I’m sure.