Zoho ONE - Zoho CRM 2020 Beginner Introduction Tutorial - FREE Zoho CRM Demo

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Lesson Times:
0:00 Say Hello Why Are You Here? Free Training Links
2:12 Zoho CRM Free Version - Pricing Explained - Yes It’s FREE
3:27 First Zoho CRM Walk Around Get To Know The Tabs
14:09 Let’s Take A Lead To Contact/Account To Won Deal Step By Step
14:54 Zoho CRM Leads Explained
21:14 Convert Zoho CRM Leat To Contact/Account And Deal
24:15 Zoho CRM Contacts Explained
27:08 Zoho CRM Accounts Explained
28:19 Zoho CRM Deals Explained
35:07 Zoho CRM Free App Introduction
37:34 Conclusion Over To You - Remember Free Zoho CRM Training https://pnuk.co/zohocrm