Zoho vs Microsoft Unit 4


I’ve seen your training info online, and I appreciate your approach and the level of detail included in your training videos on youtube.

I’ve clicked on your link, and I’m in the process of setting up a trial. Another part of the business is looking at Microsoft Unit 4; however, I’m sold on the Zoho product for various reasons, such as pricing, ease of setup, its end to end solution provision, etc. Do you have any comparison data which compares Zoho to Microsoft Unit 4 or is there any info you could provide to strengthen my Zoho business case against the Microsoft Unit 4 product. Please let me know your thoughts

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Hello @rcarty welcome to the forum and training.
I’m sorry I’ve never looked at Microsoft Unit 4 and I don’t do any comparisons either.

I guess my training is here for people who have already decided on that platform they want.
This vs That would just get me into trouble haha.

Zoho ONE is a great deal though, I’d be surprised if there’s anything that offers more value.